The Founder

Tesco Poland is our founder - the company that has been operating on Polish market since 1998. In this time it became the leader in retail, serving customers in over 400 stores in 300 cities all over the country.

Tesco, as a socially responsible company, cares about creating effective mechanism which will enable Tesco to use its scale and capabilities to help these in need. The actions aim at bringing benefits to local communities all over Poland – wherever our stores are.

More information about Tesco’s social responsibility can be found here.


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Fundacja Tesco
ul. Kapelanka 56
30-347 Kraków

m.: +48 506 001 649

KRS: 0000418218
NIP: 676 245-51-79, Regon: 122549869

Bank account: Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA:
91 1030 1508 0000 0008 1636 7018