Charity Runs of Tesco Foundation

Tesco Foundation has been cooperating with the Children’s University Hospitalin Krakówfor many years and every year donates the proceeds from Tesco charity runs to it.

Altogether, in the last 6 years, the  Foundation has donated more than 800,000 PLN that was used to improve the condition of treatment of young patients. Thanks to these funds:

  • We have renovated and equipped the day room of the Oncology and Haematology Department and Children’s Neurology Clinic,
  • We have completely renovated and equipped the rehabilitation room in the Chair of Physiotherapy,
  • We have purchased medical and emergency equipment for Department of Burns and Scalds Treatment and Neurosurgery and the Hospital Emergency Ward,
  • We have refurbished and equipped children’s’ play areas and the room for a mum with a kid at the Hospital Emergency Ward;
  • We have purchased a Prodrobot – a modern robot for rehabilitation of the hospital patients;
  • We have purchased a neonatal intensive care unit ambulance which saves newborns in states of immediate threat to health and lives. 

The biggest success of all participants, benefactors and volunteers of our runs is that thanks to them young patients of the hospital are treated in a friendly environment and use the state-of-the-art medical equipment. Please remember that anybody who joins the Tesco Foundation Charity Run is a hero with a big heart and passion for saving health and lives of children!  

Przemko Kwinta

It is crucial that owing to our runs we provide opportunities to save health and lives of young patients. So far, the Tesco Foundation has donated more than  800,000 PLN to the Children’s University Hospitalin Kraków, says Katarzyna Michalska-Miszczyk, the President of the Tesco Foundation.  Thanks to the commitment of nearly 10 thousand people in the six editions of the charity run, we have helped a few clinics, chairs and hospital departments, refitting their  rooms and donating medical and rehabilitation equipment. We thank everybody for their support and invite you to participate already in the seventh edition of our run!