7th Tesco Foundation Charity Run’s Aim

Treatment methods of infants and babies with acute kidney or heart failure have been looked for many years all over the world. Dialysis machines used for older children and adults have not proved to be efficient in case of patients weighing less than 10 kg. A few years ago an Italian scientist constructed a dialyzer, adjusted to a small capacity of infants’ and babies’ blood, which additionally supports heartbeat. The purpose of this year’s Tesco Foundation Charity Run is to raise funds to purchase the machine. This will be the first device of this type in Poland!

It was built by Professor Claudio Ronco from Italy. Its inventor called it CARPEDIEM which in Latin means “seize the day” and at the same time is an acronym of the English name CArdio Renal PEdiatric DIalysis Emergency Machine. This miniature dialysis machine is vital for an intensive therapy and saving lives of young patients. It is used for dialysis, i.e. it helps remove access water and harmful substances from their bodies.

Przemko Kwinta

It should be remembered that in veins of infants and babies there is between 120 ml and 600 ml of blood, says Professor Przemko Kwinta, the Director of the Baby Intensive Therapy and Pathology Department of the Children’s University Hospital in Kraków. The use of a standard dialysis machine entails a risk of removing too much liquid from their bodies, which leads to dehydration and too low arterial tension, or leaving access water, which results in swelling and too high arterial tension. The machine we would like to purchase is tailored to a tiny blood capacity of young patients. Its use will save time to regenerate infants’ and babies’ organs and will increase significantly their chances to survive