The Hospital of Health


Children’s University Hospital in Krakow has been helping children in most severe conditions for 50 years now. Since the beginning of its existence over 950 thousand children received some help there.

All possible paediatrician specializations can be found there. Most of all the hospital consists of people – 6 thousand people, who for the last 50 years helped children in the most severe conditions. At present over 1800 employees fights for the life and health of young patients every day. Including 350 nurses and 650 doctors. There is a school  on the premises of the hospital plenty of educational and cultural events for children is organized there.



‘Every penny collected during previous Runs has been used for the benefit of our patients’ – said dr. hab. Maciej Kowalczyk, head of the Children’s University Hospital in Krakow. Together we change the hospital for the better, to be able to help children even more and make they stay pleasant. To do that without the support of Tesco Charity Foundation would be much more difficult.