"N" Ambulance


Every month the neonatology ambulance from Children’s University hospital in Krakow transports 30 patients from Maloposka region. Thanks to the ambulance every year  lives of over 400 new-borns can be saved The ambulance is 8 years old now, it made over 500 thousand kilometres and lately it has been malfunctioning. The hospital needs a new ambulance and that’s why this year run’s aim is to collect money to buy new neonatology ‘N’ ambulance.

‘N’ ambulance is a small intensive care ward on wheels, it helps to save new-borns in life threatening conditions. It is the first step in their rescue and recovery, it helps in situations where every minute counts. Neonatology ambulance is equipped with a special transport set including incubator safe to transport new-borns weighting less than 500 grams. The team also has respirator, infusion pomp set, nitric oxide dosimeter set for hypothermic therapy and portable USG.


‘To go to the patients the vehicle needs to be fully functioning but the ambulance is barking down more often nowadays’ - said Mateusz Jagła M.D., member of neonatology emergency team. ‘Malfunctions are more often, lately it spends more time in the garage instead of driving and helping. The hospital cannot afford to buy a new ambulance with full equipment, that’s why we are happy with the latest initiative of Tesco Foundation, thanks to them we will have new ambulance.’