We run together


Tesco Foundation has been cooperating with Children’s University Hospital in Krakow for years now, and every year we donate money collected during the charity Run.

Within last five years of cooperation with Children’s University Hospital in Krakow Tesco donated 612,000 PLN. The money allowed to improve the treatment conditions and renovated recreation room, equip Oncology and Haematology Clinic as well as Children’s Neurology Clinic. We also renovated and equipped rehabilitation ward, bought medical equipment for the Burn Neurosurgery Units and the emergency Ward. Thanks to our support young patients can learn to walk with the help of rehabilitation robot.

The biggest achievement of all the participants, donors and volunteers of our Runs is that young patients can receive treatment in more pleasant conditions and use modern medical equipment. We have to remember that everyone who joins the Charity Run is a hero with a big heart and power to help save life and health of children.



‘Most Importantly thanks to our Runs we have an opportunity to save heath and lives of young patients. So far the Foundation donated over 600 000 PLN to support Children’s University Hospital in Krakow’– said Katarzyna Michalska-Miszczyk, Tesco Foundation Chairmen. Thanks to the involvement of over 6 000 people during five editions of the Run we helped couple of clinics and wards in the hospital – we renovated rooms and bought necessary medical and rehabilitation equipment. Thank you, to everyone for their support, come and participate in the sixth Charity Run!